Exchange Visitor Program Terminates J-1 Flight Training Program Designations

In a July 11, 2008 statement of policy (73 Fed. Reg. 40008), the U.S. Department of State (“USDOS”) notified the public that effective June 1, 2010, it will exercise its authority under 22 C.F.R. § 62.62 to terminate the J program designations of all eight sponsors of J-1 flight training programs, having determined these programs “no longer further the public diplomacy mission of the Department of State.” USDOS, however, noted that all eight flight training programs are also designated in the M-1 category.

The flight training sponsors will continue to have obligations to their exchange visitors pursuant to 22 CFR 62.63: they must fulfill their responsibilities to all exchange visitors who are in the United States at the time of their program termination until the individual’s exchange program is completed. Also, sponsors must notify prospective exchange visitors who have not yet entered the United States that the program has been terminated. Sponsors will have access to SEVIS to manage their existing program participants, but will not be able to initiate new programs after December 31, 2009.